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Плазмолифтинг, PRP – терапия

Bulbous Tip Correction and Alar Reduction    Что такое липофилинг ?

Fat transfer, A representative surgery of Anti-aging

Fat transfer surgery is also known as fat grafting or fat injection. It will immediately make you look young by injecting your own fat into an area where it needs volume.  The common areas for fat transfer are forehead, temples, nasolabial lines, front cheeks and chin. It can not only improve fine wrinkles around your face, but also give you a gentle and brighter image.  Unlike fillers, fat transfer can treat larger areas and once the fat is grafted properly it lasts permanently.

Время операции 30 мин~1 час Анестезия седативная или местная анестезия
Госпитализация не требуется Удаление швов 1~2 недели
Посещение клиники 1~2 раза Реабилитационный период 1~2 недели

Мы рекомендуем липофилинг следующим людям: 

  • 01. Those whose cheeks consist of sunken or indented skin under the cheekbones that causes one’s face to appear more distinctive and older than their actual age
  • 02. Those whose smile folds are so noticeable that they cause one’s face to appear older than their actual age
  • 03. Those who have concerns about his/her flat forehead, short chin, and flat cheeks
  • 04. Those who want to receive fat transfer from around their temples, nose, lips and backs of their hands

Bulbous Tip Correction and Alar ReductionОсобенности JW’s 

01. 3-Dimensional Facial Fat Sculpture Technique

JW’s 3-dimensional facial fat sculpture technique is a surgery that revitalizes your facial contours by creating facial balance and harmony through transforming facial tissues to achieve the most ideal shape.

After the operation, certain areas of your face will not be so distinctive that the overall facial shape becomes smaller and leaves you with a soft and polished image.
Conventional fat transfer 3-dimensional facial fat sculpture technique
Fat transferred to fill volume without balancing whole face that causes too big face with strange swelling. We can remove and re-position fat inside face while fat transfer so it improves facial 3-dimension and helps to achieve smaller face. 
02. Harvest Jet 2 Fat transfer technique

Harvest Jet 2 Fat Transfer is a super strong water jet, and it harvests each fat granule in the same fashion as one can imagine taking off a berry stalk from a bunch of grapes. In this way, the harvested fat has almost no damages and can be transferred immediately to other parts of body. Thus ensuring that the graft survival rate is high.

Harvest Jet 2 Fat Transfer has been growing in popularity among patients of late, as it increases the graft survival rate when fat transfer is applied to the overall face. This technique is usually used for the breasts and buttocks where large amounts of fat are needed.

Procedure of Autologous Fat Transfer

  • STEP 01. 
    The operation takes approximately 1 hour and is performed using local anesthesia with sedation.
  • STEP 02. 
    Harvesting only clean fat from the areas of your abdomen or thighs, and separating fat for transfer.
  • STEP 03. 
    Inject your desired amount of fat into subcutaneous skin, muscle or facial plane of your desired area, using a tiny needle, alongside invisible creases.
  • STEP 04. 
    Stitch the injected areas, if necessary.

Bulbous Tip Correction and Alar ReductionWhat is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)?

PRP for surprisingly remarkable effects of enhanced volume and facial contours

Face aging appears as a combination of the sagging of the skin, fine wrinkles by repetitive muscle use and sunken areas of the face due to facial volume changes. Even for young people, a flat profile makes the person appear older than his actual age. These wrinkles and sunken areas can be reduced and recovered by autologous fat transfer on your face. When volumes on the desired area are filled, you can have a younger, more vivid and distinctive face.
Autologous fat transfer is a surgery that can graft volume and contours around the desired areas of the body with the harvested fat from any area on your body, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc.
In addition, you can enjoy the dual effects of this treatment by reducing excessive fat where we’ll harvest.

Autologous fat transfer requires the sophisticated technique of a well-experienced and skilled surgeon. Only clean and high quality fat should be harvested without any damages, separated from any other substances and injected finely and evenly to subcutaneous skin or muscle, thus allowing for an increase in graft survival rate.


Bulbous Tip Correction and Alar ReductionWhat is Stem cell fat transfer?

Stem cell fat transplantation for a real curvaceous face and clearer skin tone!

This surgery is to rejuvenate your baby face by transplanting fat cells and stem cells to your face. The high graft survival rate allows your facial volume to last longer so that in case you have weak facial elasticity and facial wrinkles, this treatment can give you an illusion of having a younger look. It enriches moisture and elasticity deeply into your skin. You can practically feel that your face has reduced in size by brighter facial tone and more three dimensional through this treatment.

Stem cell fat transplantation is recommended for :

  • 01. Those who have discernible smile wrinkles and sunken cheeks.
  • 02. Those who have excessive glabellar folds and sunken eyelids which cause them to appear older than their actual age.
  • 03. Those whose forehead and temples are sunken so that his/her cheeks look distinctive.
  • 04. Those who are experiencing an overall lack of skin elasticity.
  • 05. Those who want to improve their skin tone.

Bulbous Tip Correction and Alar Reduction Метод операции

  • 01. Наносят дизайн 
  • 02. Вводят седативную анестезию (или местную анестезию)
  • 03. Harvest fat
  • 04. Separate pure fat and stem cells
  • 05. Inject fat
  • 06. Transplant stem cells
  • 07. Complete a natural-looking baby face

Bulbous Tip Correction and Alar Reduction Меры предосторожности до операции

01   Необходимо остановить прием пищи и воды за 4 часа до операции

02  Необходимо остановить принятие каких либо препаратов которые замедляют гемостаз крови (препараты аспириновой группы, гормоны, витамин Е, контрацептивы) за 1 неделю до операции. Если Вы принимаете препараты от высокого давления, диабета, щитовидной железы, сердца, то необходимо заранее сообщить об этом координаторам больницы.

03  За две недели до операции следует отказаться от курения, так как курение может привести к проблемам с дыханием и кашлем.

04  Если в день операции у Вас появились симптомы простуды или проблемы с дыханием, не замедляя сообщите об этом координатору клиники до операции.

05  Заранее до операции подготовьте удобные вещи которые можно легко переодеть не задевая лица.

06  За день до операции примите душ и помойте голову. В день операции умойте лицо мылом и почистите зубы, также удалите лак с ногтей рук и ног, не используйте контактные линзы, а также снимите все аксессуары.

Bulbous Tip Correction and Alar Reduction Меры предосторожности после операции

01  На второй день после снятия швов можно умываться и принимать легкий душ, но следует воздержаться от сауны и бани.

02  Следует строго по рекомендациям врача принимать прописанные в клинике лекарства. Также воздержаться от лекарства аспериновой группы и гормональных препаратов.

03  Следует воздержаться от алкоголя и сигарет в течении 4 недель после операции, так как они замедляют реабилитационный период.

04  В первые 3 дня после операции следует прикладывать холодные компрессы, после на 4-й день теплые компрессы. Также в течении первых 2-3 дней после операции во время сна желательно голову держать выше уровня сердца. Это поможет скорейшему снятию отека. Также необходимо воздержаться от большого употребления жидкости перед сном.

05  Синяки и отеки у каждого человека спадают по разному, поэтому не стоит сильно переживать.

※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case