August 2015

[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Got Eye Surgery and Nose Surgery from Seoul

Hey! I finally get to post my post opeartion pictures online! I waited so long time to wait for this time to come, since I needed...
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[JW Pastic Surgery Korea] Miracle works of Liposuction (Post op)

I tried many times for the Diet but I always failed on it, so I started to look for the new way of loosing my...
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[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Introducing Video Clip of JW Plastic Surgery Center

  Hey This is Video Clip of Best Plastic Surgery Center in Korea with Best Plastic Surgeons   You can check the facility and interior...
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[JW Tasty Road] Lab 24 Korean Famous restaraunt by Chef. Edward Kwon

I would like to show one of famous restaurant in Chundam Dong, Seoul, South Korea A guy from above picture is Chef. Edward Kwon We...
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[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Suh got invited to IMCAS Asia 2015 as a Panelist & Lecturer

Rhinoplasty Specilist Dr. Man Koon, Suh from Koreagot invited to IMCAS Asia 2015 as a Panelist and LecturerHe lectured about “Correcton of Hump Nose in...
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[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Chin Reduction + Rhinoplasty

Hello I’m finally posting my Post-op of my Chin reduction and Rhinoplasty from JW Plastic Surgery My chin wasn’t that big or wide but I...
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