The Safe Clinic to Have Reduction Rhinoplasty in Korea; the Most Popular Procedure Among Caucasians

The Asian Nose VS The Caucasian Nose

There are many different factors with the internal and external structures between Asian noses and Caucasian noses. Thus, when it comes to having reduction nose surgery in Korea and to prevent complication, patients should find a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and has a high understanding of the differences in nose structures and has a wide variety of experiences of operating on local and international patients. One of the main goals of nose surgery should not only be changing the size or shape of the nose but also maintaining the patient’s ethnic facial characteristics.

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The Most Popular Types of Nose Surgery Done by Asians and Caucasians

For Caucasians:

  1. Reduction nose surgery ( the tip and the bridge)
  2. Hump removal
  3. Deviation correction
  4. Reinforcing the thin skin
  5. Long nose correction (arrow-like)
  6. Bulbous tip correction
  7. Hanging Columella Correction
  8. Nose revision surgery

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For Asians:

  1. Nose augmentation ( heightening the tip and the bridge)
  2. Hump removal
  3. Droopy tip correction
  4. Flat and short nose correction
  5. Bulbous tip correction
  6. Revision surgery after illegal injection or surgery

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The nose specialists at JW have more than 18 years of experience that purely focused on rhinoplasty, and they have performed more than 15,000 rhinoplasty operations. For each operation, the nose specialist conduct a precise and in-depth examination by doing a 3D-CT analysis on the nasal bones, the shape, conditions, and size of nasal fat tissues which helps to assure a safe and accurate operation.

Also, through our one on one system, each patient has their own English consultant to help make sure the patients and surgeon have a comprehensive consultation. 

JW have been not only recommended by foreign patients from North America but also Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Russian, and China. Based on all these positive reviews, JW was awarded the top award for medical service and safety at Medical Asia 2018 held by Ministry of Health-Welface, Korea Tourism Organization, and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Also, with persistent medical research about rhinoplasty, Dr. Man Koon Suh’s has published many of his research papers in international plastic surgery journal and society such as ACFS/ ISAPSIMCAS/ JCS

Click here to see his journal about ‘hybrid septal extension graft’

JW Plastic Surgery is a life changing clinic that is reliable and has a proven safety recorded to assure that every patient has a positive experience.