Check out my Legs!!!

I’m pretty sure everyone will have same problem as I do
1. Saggy skin
2. Getting fat
3. Naturally have lots of fat
4. Thick thighs
6. Want to wear skinny jeans or short-skirt
So I decided to use little bit of science

I was pretty sad to look my bottom since it is all covered by bandages and blood…


Still swollen but
I can see improvements:):)

or shocked…. all major bruises..
That Red Light is called LED treatment which it helps
reducing my swollowness
btw….yea I have to go through all those bruises
to be skinny…but it TOTALLY WORTH IT.

1st Month!! all of my bruises are GONE!!
and It looks much better!!!
Now I can wear Short-Skirts!!! Or Skinny Jeans

4th Month
It seems like all placed in for the Right Shape.
Even my hubby likes it!!!

I TOOOTALLLY like my New Legs
Everything looks so fitted when I wear new dresses