Chul Hwan Seul MD, Ph.D was invited to give a lecture at the 8th international Advanced Mammoplasty Symposium

Dr. Seul was invited as a representative of the Korean breast augmentation surgeons at the 8th International Advanced Mammoplasty Symposium held in Guangzhou, China.

This symposium had more than 300 of international plastic surgeons from Korea, china, many other Asian and European countries attended it. It was held to share information about the latest trends and reasearch for breast implants, breast augmentation and asymmetry correction with breast implants. The top 3 Chinese breast surgeons were the main speakers and Dr. Chul Hwan Seul was the representative of Korean breast surgeons.

Dr. Seul earned respect from attendees by sharing technique of breast augmentation with asymmetry correction for patients whose breasts are extremely small and/or uneven.

Dr. Seul is a renowned breast surgeon in the world. At this symposium, he was acknowledged by the attendees for explaining how to correct asymmetry and enlarge the breast at the same time by systematizing originative methods of breast surgery; as well as considering the difference in size, asymmetry of the chest wall, the breast shape, the level of the nipples, inframammary folds, the amount of skin from areolas to inframammary folds, and the distance from the middle of the breast to the nipples. 

Dr. Seul is also a developer of the popular breast implants called Bellagel, and he was invited to give a lecture about ‘The Past, Present, and Future of Bellagel implant’ at 2018 Hans Biomed G-Bas China-Korea Breast Surgery Interchanges.

A letter of appointment.

Dr. Seul was appointed as an adviser for Hans Biomed Chinese Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Technique and received a letter of appointment.

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