Here I Come JW Plastic Surgery Center!!!

This is Soo
Yes I’m Korean. you can tell by my name right?
I always had some complexes with my face
You know girls always wanted to be pretty and prettier
So, I decided to have some changes on my face:)
Should I begin my story?? You guys rdy to hear it right?

This was I how used to look like
many ppl were asking me why I need a surgery but It is my own decision so…
I have searched online and read many forums about the clinics
because doctors there prefer NATURAL looks and that is what I wanted
I do not want to look FAKE like some of ppl out there
maybe it is just different point of view for each person

I got my eye done by Dr. Choi
Ptosis Double Eyelid Correction+EPI

Somehow I didn’t get that much of swollowness
Compare to other people who had their eye done by other doctors
That I seen from internet
So I was pretty happy for myself
(O yea don’t forget to sip on those Pumpkin soup who are thinking about having their surgery
Those drinks will help you a lot)

I usually do not post my pics W/O a make-ups
but I can’t put it on so…..
Please understand that~

It seems like settling down little bit
maybe look litttle bit fake right now b/c of scars T.T
Hopefully it gets away soon!!!

I like my double eyelid :):):)

Look WEIRD!!!
I got done my Zygoma and Fat Injection to my FACE
I look like a BEAR T.T because of SWOLLOWNESS!!!
I decided to just stay home watching TV and drink Pumpkin Juice ALL DAY LONG

My 3rd DAY
Still Swollen T.T

Don’t I look like a CHIPMUNK??lol
Don’t make fun of me!! cuz I know it will get better in a little bit.

My Swollowness started go AWAY~
I think it started get in a SHAPE that i wanted to be
even though it is still swollowen but I can wait
since it shows IMPROVEMENT

Now I can Put on MAKE-UPS!!!
but I usually don’t put it on that much but still you know??
I know You guys Understands me~

How Do I Look??
3rd week of Zygoma Reduction & Fat Injection
and Month and a half for the Double Eyelid Surgery
I’m Loving it what you guys think??
Dr.Choi and JW Plastic Surgery Center
Since they add a lot beauty to myself