[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Happy 16th Birthday to “JW Plastic Surgery Center”

Hello Everyone today I would like to get thanks and give thanks to everyone
I can’t believe it is already our 16th years of doing plastic surgery.
It established on 2000 November 09th
So we celebrated “JW’s Birthday” this morning
Check our celebration!!!!
All of our staffs attended and handed Certificate of Merit and gift. (I could not attend to the ceremony!!!!!)
Hope our clinic flourish even more than right now without having any troubles just like past 16 years!!
Thank you so much for liking our clinic and hope continuously choose our clinic to be best plastic surgery in Korea. I will try my best to give best services to every foreign patients who comes to our clinic and of course our surgeons will give best result as possible who ever chosen our clinic to have plastic surgery!
If you want more information about the before and after pictures Please Check our facebook