[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] JW Real Model Program – Elani

 Hi! This is Elani from Australia. She has a pretty face and attractive smile  She is Japanese mixed race, combined with oriental beauty. The surgery day, after surgery she couldn’t laugh for a few hours cause of anesthetics. She is not angry, she is just able to smile in the photo! Let us look forward to your new smile! 🙂
Day 1, she didn’t come to JW with Hena. Hena brought her some food after the treatment today. Elani couldn’t sleep yesterday cause her nose was blocked. She will be in JW to remove the cotton ball inside of nose tomorrow(Day 2). 
Best wishes for you! We want to see you smile! 
Day 4 for Elani, she almost didn’t get much swollen. You don’t see any bruises on her face. Compare with Hena, she has a better recovery capability. She said finally she can smile on camera. 
Looking forward more pretty photos from you!:D
Elani is a very thin girl. She has no fat on belly to remove and Dr.seul took the fat from her tights for fat grafting. Even skinny girls also have fat on their tights to use. Round forehead and V-line look make girls look younger. We call it “Dong’An” 동안(童顔) 🙂

Day 5, after fascia removal we see Elani’s new face! Still a little bit swollen and bruises below eyes, but she is very happy so far. 
Cutie, smile to me!  ♡♡♡

Elani’s amazing change!! She looks much younger than before. The cameraman said maybe she is 22 years old,but she is 30 in fact! Cannot believe that how does she look like now. Fat grafting on forehead and cheeks,it makes people look younger than real ages. After makeup , her swollen and bruises are covered before shooting. She is so gorgeous! 

 Day 11, Elani just wake up and she sent us her photos. Below the right eye,there is still some bruises. But almost zero bruises now she said! She is still a little worried about her nose,but she is satisfied with the fat injections! 

Day 14, Elani is also getting recovered. The shape of nose is still changing. Look at her high nose and cute face! :3