[Real Story] Agnes Lin’s Transformation till Now in JW

During this period, I received both compliments and questions about my plastic surgery. I can’t help feeling thankful to JW Plastic Surgery Clinic. The docs had done a great job on me. 😀

This is me a year ago (before rhinoplasty, fat grafting and eye surgery), I used to put on thick make-up especially on my eyes. Eyeliner, mascara, eyelid tape and falsies.. not forgeting i shaded my nose to create a high bridge look.

See my transformation from Sep 2013.
What I did: I went to JW last September for rhinoplasty and fat grafting in my cheeks area.
Sep’13- me & my gfs in seoul (before my surgery). See how flat and bulbous my nose was.

I took a photo of myself straight after the surgery.
Post-surgery day 4
Post-surgery day 7 (cast removed)
Back in sg – no make-up. The nose was still swollen then. but I loved my new nose bridge!
Healing well after surgery. I started to put on make-up after 2 weeks. 🙂
IMG_8138 IMG_7290
I was then interviewed by NuYou to talk about my plastic surgery experience in Korea. 🙂
My nose still looked swollen then (2 weeks after my surgery) when I took this photo at NuYou.
This photo was taken 2 mths after the surgery in Oct’13. I thought i looked like sonia sui in the photo. lol :p

Feb 2014
This time in Feb, I went back to JW to do my double eyelid + epicanthoplasty and fat grafting on forehead and face.
my scary photo… beware…!!!!
If you have noticed my past photos, i got tiny eyes without make-up. Alot of people were asking me if its painful. The answer is NO! What you are seeing is the swelling and bruises around my eyes. I swear no pain though it looked painful, scary.. blah blah blah In fact I could actually go out on the next day after the surgery. What I love about the clinic is they provided pumpkin juice (ready packed ones) for me. I was drinking at least 3 packs a day even though its’ not the best tasting drink. The juice really helps in reducing the swell. Trust me.
I also did botox on my jawline on post-surgery day 5. The pricing in Seoul is really reasonable.
me & the pretty and helpful Emily!
here you go. post-surgery 9th day. my eyes are looking so much bigger! VS my before photo…

Back in Sg
a close-up photo of my eye. BIG right.
IMG_1391 IMG_1421 

My recent photos! Now I am spending less time on make-up. 
Eyebrow + eyeliner + cc cream = perfect!
Hope you all like my after look. 🙂

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