[Real Story] An unpretty girl’s change

I am an unpretty girl, I wanna become pretty.
This is my dream since I was young.
After the surgery in JW, my eyes looks very swollen.
I was worried about if the surgeries were successfully undergone.
The whole face became swollen. I was not happy that time and continued worrying.
I know I were not pretty but I still don’t want others know about my surgeries.
The stitches on double eyelids are very nice. Hope I can have this double eyelids as real ones.
The swollen seems like less than before. I was looking forward to removing the stitches.I hoped that the swollen can go fast then I can see my new face.
I did makeup,actually that was not allowed.But I couldn’t wait until I can see my new look!!! The doctor told that some makeup to cover is fine.
I learnt lots of makeup methods online before. But before even I did makeup I still looked not good.Now I think I got really different from before!
My eyes are big and like the other girls.
I love it! I will join my life since now.
Find my own confidence by surgeries,I don’t think it’s bad:D

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