[Real Story] Enormous changes on a boy’s face. Became a handsome man!

Hi, I’m Jackie. I have a typical Asian face.
I have decided to do something change on my face.
Mandible reduction + Whole face fat injection
Levator correction + Epicanthoplasty
Bone surgery brought me a lot of swollen on my face.
So I don’t remember how was my nose.
But my eyes looked like two sausages. And the stitches removed on 5th day.
Day 7,when I woke up I was surprised! Is that me?:D
I have big eyes now….hm look cuter? lol
I came to JW to remove the stitches on nose.
Nose I saw my nose is also very swollen.
The scars look much better. Looking forward more.
Can my friends even know me now? 🙂
2 weeks, my eyelids look more nature.
Everything goes very well. Still can feel swollen on nose.
I don’t have problems to walk on street.
Cause I got very good recovery. 
I already went out very often without mask.
Before I looked more baby face at the beginning of recovery.
Now look much different again!
2 months, I think I got everything what I want.
My face got totally changed.
Thank you very much!
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