[Real Story] To be a White Swan?If you have experienced – 100% Changing Story②

Day 20, I almost saw my final shape I think 😛

I start to make up since 3 weeks after surgery.
Just eyeliner and simple base makeup 🙂

I can touch my boobs now,feel like a real one l0l
I can go out without wearing bra!

Less one more,cannot see any traces of plastic surgery.
The scar of columella doesn’t look visible.

I went out to hangout with my friend without any problems.
After 4 weeks, finally I can drink alcohol.Don’t need to worry anymore 😀

Perfect breast and perfect face.
I am the most beautiful woman in the world lol

I have new hair style today. Does wave hairs fit me? 😀

The scar of breast implant is under armpit and it’s very short.
Nobody would see it,that is the best point.
Now it starts to look lighter and lighter.

I throw away all of my old bras lol
And I bought lots of new pretty ones.
I am looking forward to going beach soon 🙂

After 3 months, I have been very satisfied ^^

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