Revision Double Eyelids Surgery (re operation)

Why the most popular plastic surgery procedure is “Double Eyelids Surgery” aka “DES”

The most common procedure in Korea is blepharoplasty,or double eyelid surgery. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it’s the most popular plastic surgery operation in the world, with 1.43 million people getting it done in 2014. It’s so prevalent that a former Korean president had the operation while he was in office. Blepharoplasty is also controversial. Critics say that the operation makes patients look “less Asian,” while proponents say that it’s simply a matter of beauty — bigger eyes equals more attractiveness, essentially.
“Most Koreans don’t have a double eyelid line, so in that case, sometimes they look sleepy and tired, the director of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea sees 11,000 patients a year.

Types of Double Eyelids Surgery and which procedures suits me the most

01. Non-incision method (Buried Suture)

Double eyelid surgery methods consist of incision method, non-incision method (buried suture), and partial incision.
The surgery method is selected by the type of your eyelid, thickness of eyelid skin, fat volume under the eye skin, and strength of eye opening muscle, and others, during the consultation with your doctor.

Non-incision method (Buried suture) is recommended for:
01- Those who have thin eyelids Those who have a low volume of fat in the area of eyelids
02- Those who want to have natural-looking eyes
03- Those whose skin around their eyes is sufficiently elastic
04- Those who doesn’t want the incision method

02. Incision method

Incision method cuts the double eyelid line to remove a certain amount of tissue, including skin, muscle, fat and connective tissues, then stitches the dermis layer under the line with fascia and tarsal plate, allowing the two tissues to adhere to one another by scar tissue. In this way, the double eyelid line is accurate and clear.

The incision method makes your double eyelid last long but swelling after the operation can last longer in comparison and it takes a longer time to make your double eyelid to appear naturally.

Incision method is applicable to:

01. Those whose double eyelids are thick and have high fat volume
02. Those who want to have a distinctive eye shape
03. Those whose skin is sagging
04. Those who want to have big eyes and long-lasting double eyelids

03. Partial Incision method

You can have both natural looking eyes through the non-incision method (buried suture) method and distinctive eye shapes through the incision method.

Partial incision has strengths of both non-incision method (buried suture) and incision method. The partial incision creates a 10mm crease in the middle of the fold by the incision method, and the creases of both sides are shaped by buried suture. After the shape of double eyelid fold is created then the fold is stitched. Through the partial incision method, not only the double eyelid fold can last longer than the ones made by other methods but also leaving no scar remains, fat around eyelid can be removed, and swelling is relieved quickly. However, this method can’t be applied to those who have sagging eyelids.

Is Double Eyelids Surgery easy?

People may think Double eyelids surgery is the most simple and easy surgery which it is not true!

Many of patients think it is simple procedure that incise the skin and suture nicely but the fact is that it really depends on surgeon’s technique and your condition. Plastic surgeon will have to check your thickness of skin, volume of fat, skin, remaining skin, etc., after checking all these options, then surgeon’s skill comes. Also main concerns / bone structure /point of beauty are different from all over the country, so it will be needed of your research to check surgeons who have more experienced in many races such as American-African, Westerner, and Asians.

Before and After pictures of surgery who needed to be done Revision Double Eyelids Surgery.

Muscle Correction (ptosis correction) with Double Eyelids Crease control

Above 3 patients had double eyelids surgery or Ptosis Correction from other clinics which it needed to be perform of revision double eyelids surgery, because their creases were too high due to adhesion or too high creases which it got controlled by “JW”

How to correct or solve previous double eyelids operation properly and Key Point for “revision double eyelids”

In order to create beautiful and natural-looking double eyelids, eye surgery should be conducted in consideration of the height and depth of double eyelids, the volume of eyelids, adhesion, and the strength of ocular muscles. If such components are not harmonized, the results of the operation may be unsatisfactory or the eye shape may look awkward on the patient’s face. In this case, a reoperation may be required.

01. Height
As each individual has different eye shapes and skin conditions, it is important to find the most natural and optimal height of double eyelids for you. Thick double eyelids make you look edgy from a long distance, but make you appear vacant from a close distance. On the contrary, thin double eyelids look natural from a long distance, but make you look fierce from a close distance. Therefore, it is important to find the most optimal height of double eyelids in order to prevent such gap.

02. Depth
The depth of double eyelids is determined by the direction of the front and rear parts of the eyelids and their length. Even though the height of double eyelids is the same, the eye shape changed depending on the depth of double eyelids. Thin double eyelids may easily disappear and deep double eyelids look unnatural.

03. Strength
Accounting for 80% of revision eye surgery, the strength of ocular muscles is one of the most important elements. Most people’s faces are asymmetric and have a different strength of ocular muscles. An operation should be conducted, that considers the strength balance of the ocular muscles of both eyes.

04. Adhesion
If too much skin tissue was removed during double eyelid surgery, it may cause excessive adhesion and hollows under the double eyelids. In this case, the eye shape is unnatural. In the opposite case, it may case triple folds.

05. Volume
If the eyelids are too thick, the upper eyelids may cover the double eyelids and the double eyelids may look extremely thin or not be visible at all. In the opposite case, the double eyelids may be overly exposed and look awkward and unnatural, which may require a re-operation.

Process of healing