What can help you to reduce swelling after plastic surgery

Today, I would like to talk about the swelling and bruising after “Plastic Surgery”

It is very normal symptoms to have swelling and bruising, but amount of having swelling or bruising will be very different depends on:

1. What kind of plastic surgery you had?

2. How big was the surgery?

3. Was it combined surgeries?

Even though you had simple surgery, but there are chances of having much swelling or much bruises then you expected! When you research on other people’s plastic surgery experiences, it seems that they do not have that much of swelling or the bruising.

Please do not expect that your recovery is going to be like theirs, because it is really depends on your body characteristics. (Normally minor surgery give less swelling and bruising compare to big surgeries but still minor or non-invasive surgery could give you big swelling and bruising as well)

There are few things that it could improve your swelling and bruising!

1. Pumpkin (Pumpkin soup, pumpkin juice, etcs.,)

2. Tomato

3. Seaweed

4. Water

5. Walk

Lastly you always have to think positively!!!!!

This is the most important process for your wound to be healed well.