Differences between “Female rhinoplasty and Male rhinoplasty”

We would like to discuss about “What the differences are between Female rhinoplasty and Male rhinoplasty.”
Most of web pages online or other resources have lots of information about “Female rhinoplasty” but there is not enough of informations about “Male rhinoplasty”, so I will explain about male rhinoplasty today.
What is “Male rhinoplasty” (rhinoplasty for men)?

Rhinoplasty for men improves the balance of your face by creating a sharp and beautiful nose. Recently, more and more men are beginning to take care of their appearance.

Rhinoplasty is the most popular plasty surgery for men. The nose is considered the center of the face. Many male patients want to attain a more masculine apperance through rhinoplasty. Unlike women, usually men have a wide nasal bridge, straight facial lines, and thick skin. Therefore, an angle between the nose, face and other elements should be considered for rhinoplasty for men.

In-depth consultation with a specialist is necessary before an operation. In many cases, Humped nose correction and deviated nose correction are performed during rhinoplasty for male patients.

As you can see from the above pictures that male patients would like to have straight nose shape then curved line (S-line) shape nose.
What are the differences between “Female rhinoplasty” and “Male rhinopalsty”

Most of female patient prefer to achieve curved line (s-line) nose when they are going to have rhinoplasty, but male patient prefer to achieve a “sharp and straight nose” because it is more masculine appearance. Also male patients usually have humps, deviated septum, and thick skins then female patients (it doesn’t mean everyone is like this).

When patient have Deviated nose, Deviated nasal septum, Nasal obstruction, etcs., please get in-depth examination by having 3D CT analysis from JW Plastic surgery center to have more accurate consultation and operation. (The rhinoplasty specialists will suggest you to have CT – Scan if needed)

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