Sub-brow lift- How to improve sagging skin above the eyelids.

What is Brow Lifting or Sub-brow lifting?

Sub-brow lifting rejuvenates sagging eyelids to make the eyes appear younger. This method is especially useful for older patients who have their brows at normal positions but have lost elasticity in their eyelid muscles, or patients with thick upper eyelid skin regardless of age. Droopy eyelids can irritate the outer edge of the eyelids and can cause inflammation around these areas. Moreover, as droopy eyelids can impair their sight, patients try to open their eyes wider. This habit creates wrinkles on their forehead.

Brow lifting or Sub-brow lifting is suitable for:

1. Those whose distance between eyebrows and eyelashes is long.

2. Those that have thick eyelid skin, particularly those who are middle-aged.

3. Those that have droopy upper eyelid skin.

4. Those that have asymmetrical eyebrows.

How we perform Sub-brow lifting?

Step 01- Incise the line right under the eyebrow

Step 02- Remove the sagging skin, then we lift the skin

Step 03- Firmly fix the lifted skin to avoid sagging skin in the future

Brow lifting (sub-brow lifting) operation takes about an hour to be performed and it is done using local anesthesia.