[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Golden ratio of the nose to the face and Upturned nose and Short nose correction

Today I would like to talk about
“Golden Ratio” of the nose to the face
Procedures of “Upturned nose and Short nose correction”

  • Golden Ratio of the nose to the face

The ideal length of the nose is one-third of the length of the face and the ideal nasolabial angle is between 95 degree and 105 degree

If the nasolabial angle exceeds 110 degree, the nose tip is upturned. As a result, the nostrils are overly exposed from a frontal view and the nose looks short.

  • Procedures of Upturned nose and Short nose correction

Those who have an extremely short and upturned nose and those whose nostrils are overly exposed:

  1. Repositioning of alar cartilages using surgical suture
    -Without cartilage graft, we reposition the alar cartilages using a special suture technique to extend the length of the nose.
  2. Septal cartilage graft
    -We can extend the length of a nose by inserting a septal nasal cartilage (nose cartilage), costal cartilage (ear cartilage), or donated costal cartilage.
  3. Nose lengthening procedure using ear cartilages
    -Using an ear cartilage, we can extend the alar cartilage.
  4. Hybrid septal cartilage graft
    -For those who have extremly small septal nasal cartilages, we perform this procedure using septal nasal cartilages, ear cartilages, and donated costal cartilages, in order to extend their nose length.
Septal Cartilage Graft

Derotation Graft

Combination septal cartilage graft


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