[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Staffs from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea had great time of learning about Lower Blepharoplasty

Today we have great time with our Eye surgery specialist from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea
Staffs from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea learned about the operation
“Lower blepharoplasty (eye bag removal) due to the aging process or have lots of fat below the eyes
Staffs need to know the exact procedures to explain more detailed informations to the patient whose are interested in.
Nowdays many people are interested in anti-aging which it means they want to be look younger and want to go back to when they were young
so many of operation has been developed
“Lower Blepharoplasty (Eye bag removal or repositioning)” is the one of the solution for the anti-aging below the eyes

As you can see from the picture above there are grooves, bulky on the eye bag, also fine wrinkles
to improve these condition we would like to recommend “Lower blepharoplasty”

But there are many methods or way of doing the operation depends on the condition of your eyes

1. Tension of skin
2. How bulky it is
3. Sagginess
4. Condition of Tear trough

Depends these condition as above I have mentioned can change the method or procedures of operation.


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