[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Jin who had Rhinoplasty (Nose Job done) from Korea


Hello This is Jin who had rhinoplasty (nose job) from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea
I had nose job because I did not like my nose that much
As you can see from my before picture I had humped nose, uneven alar base, droopy tip, and hanging collumella, so I have decided to fix my nose to be more prettier and cute 🙂
Do not focus too much on my before look so lets take a look at my after surgery selfies!


Day 1 after Rhinoplasty (Nose job done) 
@ JW Plastic Surgery Clinic
Day 3 after Rhinoplasty (Nose job done)
@ JW Plastic Surgery Clinic
These casts were very annoying and itchy inside, but sad thing is that I cant remove it for 5 days and can’t wash myself because of the wound 🙁 to be healed faster I have to stay like this for about 7 days..
and As you can see I’m very swollen like a teddy bear or blow fish (more like blow fish lol)
Day 7 After Rhinoplasty (Nose job done)
@ JW Plastic Surgery Clinic
Yay finally I got to remove my casts on my nose and see how my nose have changed I know that I’m still swollen and bruised all over my eyes area but still I can see that my nose have changed and it looks nicer than before. my humps are gone, drooping tip has been raised up to be defined tip and my bridge of nose has been raised nicely~


2 Weeks after Rhinoplasty (Nose job done)
@ JW Plastic Surgery Clinic
I look much better than Day 7 but still on the recovery period such as bruising / swollowness and etc., I can’t wait till 3~6 months after operation because it takes long time to be fully healed. I can work or hanging out with my friends but still little bit noticeble that I had rhinoplasty (nose job) but most of my friends likes my results though!