[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Russian Model “Natalie” became hotter than “BEFORE”

Russian Model Natlie’s Journey

This pictures are Before pictures of my self
I though I had good amount of size for my body
but than after the marriage and kids
It changed my body shape after having 2 kids
as you can see from the pictures above
it turned out like to be “SOCKS…shape :(:(” 
I wanted to give a little change for myself since
I dont want it to be saggy..
After the consultation with surgeon from JW
Dr. Seul Chul Hwan
we decided to have surgery name called “Combination”
which it means silicone implant+ Fat injection to my breast
We also decided to have little touch on my face
“Full Face Grafting” to look little bit more
This is first day after operation
To be honese It was little bit painful but
I could take it though
and Those bandages were annoying sometimes
Can’t just take it off since I got to hold the shape after the operation
Bruising probelm were starting to get better by each day
At first I thought I was some kind of  character from “Avatar” because it was swollen and bruised on my face
Good thing it was getting better and better~
Can’t you guys tell that
I’m already getting pretty?
Finally removed one of the bandages always
thightening my body also
I love to see my body and face through the
mirror these days
This Gadget is something you must wear
after Breast Augmentation (BA)
to hold your shape in right place
Don’t Be Jelous because I’m Pretty~
I know many of people out there are considering about the
Beast Augmentation because of scar
because I was one of you all…
but it seems it got a lot better
not that big as I was thinking
and sizes are getting smaller and smaller

Once you decided to do Breast Augmentation
It will be good to go and check yourself or have a consultation with surgeon face to face
You do not have to get surgery if you are scared about the surgery or something else
but you always can have a chance to take a shot of it.

I studied about many of plastic surgery clinic in korea
and JW had really good reputation for it. then I started to search about their surgeons

Doctor Seul Chul-Hwan at JW clinic have been utilizing the endoscopic breast augmentation since the birth of endoscopic breast augmentation, and he has spread endoscopic breast augmentation method to many doctors in the country through many seminars and conferences and introduced the advantages. Many doctors now can use the endoscopic breast augmentation, but the highly advanced skills and know-how can’t be obtained in one day.

If you are intereted do not hesitate to talk to one of their consultant to know more detailed informations.

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