JW Plastic Surgery Part 3 – Recovery: Post Op Day 1 to Day 46

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*Updates: There were questions on why my ears had stitches and bruisings and I realised that I didn’t explain it. Dr Suh took some of my ear cartilage to build my nose tip and alars. :)

Remember this photo from the previous post? I was still looking ok. And besides having a bandage on, there wasn’t any difference. But Jenny already advised me that swelling on my face will start the next day and so I was prepared for it.

I was given medications, pumpkin juice, 2 surgical masks and ice packs in a little bag before I go back to the apartment. There was also information what I can or cannot do during this recovery period.
I was happily on the cab back to the apartment when suddenly I started having a runny nose. I couldn’t blow my nose so I just let it drip and clean the mucus off with a tissue. Don’t be surprised if you start to have a runny nose after surgery. I did a google search on it and found it to be very common.
It went on for the next 2 to 3 days.

Day 1
OMG the swelling started. My eyes were half of their original size!
But I could eat normally, just that I couldn’t open my mouth really big so I stick to softer and soupy food for the first 2 days.

Day 2
The worst day of my swelling journey. Hahahaha…
I was wondering why the operation was only on my nose but my whole face was swelling! I found out that it was because of the impact on my whole face that caused the entire face to start swelling. Gosh, can you see my chipmunk cheeks…
And the purple bruises on my eyelids.
I couldn’t open my eyes very much and I even had problem reading. Sigh… The moment I start to read, I feel like sleeping. Hahahaha…

I went back to the clinic for review on day 2.

The nurse cleaned my nose and finally removed the packings in my 2 nostrils. I finally can breathe through my nose! Gosh… It was really hard to sleep properly with the packings in my nose.
So shiok!

For the 1 week post op, till the stitches are removed on the 7th day, I can only wash my body. I cannot wash my hair or my face because I am not supposed to wet the stitches. I was so happy that JW Plastic Surgery provides hair wash services! So I get to wash my hair every 2 days when I go back for my review. Phew! I’m so used to washing my hair every single day due to the tropical hot and humid Singapore weather. I feel so strange that I can’t wash my hair. The hair wash service is so so important hahahaha… And so here’s a little piece of advice: It is better to go for surgery in Korea in the cooler months.
Recovery seemed so much more comfortable!
Everyday I’ll clean my face with Dettol wet wipes and wet a tissue with water to clean after that. I still applied some basic skincare. I don’t want a breakout on my skin!

And my dear was so funny and mean ok. He was laughing at my swelling and he said he finally has got bigger eyes than me and he must take a photo of that historical moment. -_-”’

A lot of people were depress and upset during the swelling stage because it is during this stage that we looked the worse. But really, just be happy and positive and it will pass soon! I kept singing the song Chip and Dale song because I really look so much like a chipmunk to make myself happy. Hahahah… I was glad to have my super nice Jon with me to take care of me and irritate me and made me laugh so much!

So for the first 2 days I basically stayed in the apartment to read my book and rest. I was drinking a lot of pumpkin juice to help with the deswelling too. Remember to apply medication too!

Day 3
My swelling started to go down from day 3 onwards but it was a slow process okie…
I could open my eyes! So happy!

Day 4
See the bruising on my right ear.

We went shopping at Ewha Women’s University.
I told Jon this is my ninja OOTD.
He insisted I look like some fugitive since I was dressed in black and my fugitive cap. I tucked my hair into my jacket and the weather was so so cold I wrapped myself up like a dumpling.
Jon kept saying he felt like he’s dating a guy. HAHAHA…

Day 5

Went back to JW to remove the bandages!

Wash my hair first. Very important.

 Removing bandages and cleaning the nose

And every time I go back for review, JW will do a de-swelling treatment for me.
I was so desperate for the swelling to go down! Heh!

Day 6
My nose is still badly swollen.
I called myself potato nose for that few days.

Going to walk around at Insadong.
Haiya I changed my fugitive cap and wore a blue jacket
instead of my favourite comfy black one!

If not my dear will say he is dating a man again. LOL.

Day 7
Back to JW to remove stitches!
The bruising travelled downwards to the sides of my nose…

Removing stitches on my ear and my nose.
I shall not scare you with the photos. Just this one!

I was reading a lot of bloggers’ experience on nose surgery before I went ahead with mine. Everyone said that the surgery and recovery were painless. I totally agree. Besides having a runny nose for the first few days and dealing with the swelling, there was zero pain. I really mean ZERO. No pain at all. Even I was surprised. I mean so much things were done to the nose, but yet there was no pain at all. Wow! But, reading through others’ experiences, most mentioned that there was discomfort during the stitches removal.
I was so scared when I went to remove the stitches! I was waiting waiting for the pain and discomfort, and then the nurse told me it was done already. No leh! No discomfort, no pain! I was so happy la! I was really expecting some pain.
But no! Don’t have! The nurses there must have been really skilful !

 Dr Suh came to check on my nose.

Dr Suh checked and made sure that everything was ok, and advised me on what I can or cannot do during the next 2 months.

My nose was super swollen and huge. He told me not to worry and I won’t be looking like that forever.
The final shape will only appear at around 2 months post op.
I am going to be very patient and wait for my pretty nose to appear.

Having a little chat with Jay before we leave! These 2 men cannot stop talking about gaming. HAHAHA…

Big thank you to Jay for all the hospitality and all the help before, during and after the surgery! Come over to Singapore soon I’ll bring you around ok! Y^_^Y

After 2 weeks in Korea, I came back to Singapore and here are some recent photos as I recover.

 Day 16

Day 22

 1 month post op!!!

Day 44

Yesterday at day 46

I super love my nose now! I specifically asked Dr Suh for a straight nose. So happy!! He knew exactly what I wanted! I really didn’t like the curved nose that seemed so popular these days.


There is a surprise that I wasn’t expecting. I was suspicious and I kept monitoring and I think after a month of monitoring, I can be sure about it. MY SINUS PROBLEM IS GONE AFTER THE SURGERY!!!! I don’t know why, maybe I should ask Dr Suh someday. My cousin told me maybe it is because the bridge is raised so i can breathe better now. I used to tell my mum not to bother should any kidnapper decide to kidnap me and ask her for a ransom. You know why? Because I can’t breathe well through my nose since I was a child. I’m very dependent on nasal sprays. So i always say that the moment the kidnapper tape up my mouth to prevent me from screaming, I’ll die in minutes because I can’t breathe…HAHAHAHA… But for the past month, no runny and super-blocked nose every morning and night anymore. I don’t know why though. Any doctors can answer? :) Anyway that’s good news for me!!!!!

I will continue to update at 3 months and 6 months post op!

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