Real Plastic Surgery Review: I Couldn’t Close My Eyes- Lower Blepharoplasty Complication-How to Prevent Ectropion(Lower Eyelids Turn Inward)

Real Plastic Surgery Review: I Couldn’t Close My Eyes Lower Blepharoplasty Complication-How to Prevent and Correct Ectropion (Lower Eyelids Turn Inward)

Many people think that lower eyelids surgery is a kind of simple surgeries. It makes people not taking important aspects such as method, hospital, and doctor into consideration when they choose a clinic for lower eyelid surgery. And this situation cause that many people happen to have their eyes turned inward or out ward(rolled over, flipped over : same terms), which is known as ectropion. Today, we are going to talk about how to prevent lower blepharoplasty complication (ectropion) and what we can do if it happens.

lower eyelids surgery effect

JW lower blepharoplasty is not focus on only make up the deficit. We more concern and focus on restoration of the aged eyes to the eyes before we got aged.

1. The reason why the fat on lower eyelids has become bulging : the cause of bulging under eye fat.

The bulging under eye fat can be caused by innate reason, lack of sleep or, fatigue ect. The first place to have aging process in the face is the eyes. The aging process on the eyes develop in different types such as sagging skin, wrinkles, lack of elasticity, loss in volume. Even more, a bag capsulizing the under eye fat lose its elasticity, bringing about the bulging fat and sagging skin. 
It sounds like simple that we can just removed excessive skin and muscle, but human’s eyes has much complicating structure that we think. By considering the complicating eyes structure, the aging process will be improved by more complex and customized surgery plan. 

More information about lower eyelids surgery(lower blepharoplasty):

2. Why the lower eyelids is turned inward or outward?

Lower eyelids is not dangerous surgery, but it has high possibility to have ectropion (the eyelids turn inward or outward)
– the surgery is done at an unauthenticated clinic
– the surgeon remove too much skin or fat without considering the extend of sagging skin around eyes, the condition of upper eyelids, the length and width of tear through, and the extend of zygoma projection.

When lower eyelid goes wrong

 Because JW Plastic Surgery Korea applies different method depending on one’s individual characteristics, we can prevent eyes from being turned inward or outward

3. How to prevent complication after lower eyelid surgery ( lower blepharoplasty, lower eyelids reconstruction)

JW Plastic Surgery Korea’s Lower eyelid surgery is not a simple removal of sagging skin or fat, but perform variety of surgical method after considering each and ever conditions such as the extend of sagging skin around eyes, the condition of upper eyelids, the length and width of tear through, and the extend of zygoma projection. Eventually, the patients can achieve much more natural and brighter eyes like before aged. Also, it is safe and last for a long period of time.
Reason why JW Plastic Surgery Korea is the best clinic for eye surgery

JW will find your beautiful eyes back with outstanding technique and abandon clinical experience.

4. Why JW has become renowned as No.1 clinic for lower eyelid surgery ( lower blepharoplasty, lower eyelids reconstruction)?

  • JW Plastic Surgery Korea has been studying about lower eyelids surgery ( lower blepharoplasty, lower eyelid reconstruction) for several decades in order to achieve high patient’s satisfaction. In result, the doctors has a plentiful clinical experience by developing lower eyelid surgery to 4th generation.
Development of lower blepharoplasty at JW

JW lower eyelid surgery is applied different surgical method depending on individual’s physical characteristics.

  • JW eye specialist are already acknowldged by public by making appearance on Korean famous TV show or being invited to give a lecture or live-surgery from renowned international medical symposium as an evidence. They are credited for our own technique internationally.
    The best surgeon of eye surgery in Korea
We will prevent eyes being turned inward or outward after lower eyelid surgery ( lower blphaoplasty, lower eyelids reconstruction)

  • PRS(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) is the most prestigious academic journal, which provides the cutting-edge technique and innovative information to the doctors in the world. JW Plastic Surgery Clinic is the only clinic that publish research papers in Korea.
    Dr. Choi’s research paper published in PRS (Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery)

5. Before and after of lower eyelid reconstruction surgery.

This patient complained about loosen lower eyelid after surgery in Vietnam.
Because too much fat was removed and skin was sagged, she had hard time with eye dryness.
1 week after lower blepharoplasty
lower blepharoplasty comparison
To see more before and after pictures of lower eyelid surgery:
Today, we talked about lower blepharoplasty complication and how to prevent ectropion(lower eyelids turn inward).
If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.
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