How to correct saggy breasts without having surgery : the answer from the best breast surgeon in Korea

How to correct saggy breasts without having surgery : answered by getting advice from the best breast surgeon in Korea.

Everyone has a different perspective on beauty. Some prefer slightly saggy breasts, and some prefer lifted breasts. However, most of women get stressed after giving a birth because it generally makes their breast much saggier. Today, we are talking about how to correct saggy breasts.

Saggy Breasts Can be Corrected without Having Surgery??

The reasons for saggy breast:
  • Sudden weight loss
  • After giving a birth
  • Loss of muscle, having inappropriate posture
  • Loss of skin elasticity
The extend of saggy breasts:

In general, breasts will be considered as saggy depending on the position of the nipples by the level of under breast line ( inframammary folds)

So, How Can Saggy Breasts be Corrected without Having Surgery?

Saggy breast massage
  • Consistent self-care: Applying elasticity cream regularly or scrubbing and washing on a daily basis will help to maintain the skin elasticity.
  • Muscle endurance exercise at home : From the gestational time, it is important to maintain a straight posture and to exercise which can help build up muscle around the breasts.
  • Wearing appropriate lingerie: Breasts can become saggier if we don’t wear the right size bra. It is important to find the appropriate size according to the fat or the muscle on the breasts.
  • Breast augmentation (saggy breast correction) :  For even more effective results, breast augmentation (saggy breast correction) can be considered.
If you feel there is no improvement after trying all these suggestions, you can consider breast augmentation with saggy breast correction(Mastopexy). By having a saggy breast correction (mastopexy), your breast will be back to their original shape that they were in, in the past. Your breasts willl look younger and have more elasticity. Also, areolas that are large can be reduced to some extend.

How the Saggy Breast Surgery Works ( mastopexy)

1. If you have small and slightly saggy breasts
Your breasts can be solely corrected with breast augmentation. If breast augmentation is not enough, bi-plane breast augmentation and water breast implants are applied together. In bi-plane breast augmentation, incisions are generally made on the areolas or the bottom line of the breasts. However, JW Plastic Surgery makes minimum incisions on the armpits using an endoscopic technique. This procedure is much more effective for small and slightly sagging breasts than breasts with tight tissues and skin.
2. If you have seriously sagging breasts that cannot be solely corrected with breast augmentation
Several breast ptosis correction procedures should be performed together. If the breasts do not seriously sag, a crescent-shaped incision or periareolar incision is applied. If you have seriously sagging breasts, vertical incision or inverted T-shaped incision is applied.
3. Breast ptosis correction and breast augmentation can be performed at the same time.
If you have small and severely sagging breasts, the breasts should be lifted up and enlarged. This method is especially effective for those who have low volume in the upper part of the breasts.
Recovery after Saggy Breast Correction ( mastopexy) 

The recovery period in Korea can be different depending on the method of the surgery that is done. Normally, these surgeries do not require hospitalization and allow you to go back to your normal life in 2~3 days. People may think that saggy breast correction is similar to breast reduction surgery, but with saggy breast correction, you don’t lose  volume in the breasts. So, it has shorter recovery period than breast reduction surgery.
saggy breast correction_before_after
saggy breast correction_before_after

saggy breast correction_before_after

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